Health and Educational Center

Pro Salud’s health center provides a centralized location where all of our services come together, and are of the highest quality: general medicine, gynecology, dysplasia clinic (for the detection and treatment of cervical cancer), comprehensive dental, nutrition, and psychological assessments. The center is equipped with an operating room where surgeons perform outpatient surgeries.
The Education Center includes the conference center, and is the hub of our educational and training activities. Our educational and training activities include topics such as family planning, preventative medicine, sexual and reproductive health, maternal/infant health, and nutrition. Our professional training for doctors, nurses, teachers, and our own volunteers takes place here. The educational facility can be used by other community groups with similar goals.

Ambulatory Surgical Center

Modern times are often characterized by constant changes that happen so quickly that we are unconscious of them. One of the most stimulating and practical changes has been the development of outpatient and ambulatory surgical methods. Pro Salud offers this service to the community, in an environment where health professionals are dedicated to surgical practice. In our facilities, we take the national established medical regulations very seriously in order to meet the most important necessities of the entire medical community and our patients.