Gente Joven Program

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Gente Joven Program

The goal of this program is to help adolescents develop positive attitudes towards sexual education, reproductive responsability, family communication and peer interactions. Through this program, Pro Salud provides a space where young people can talk openly and freely about sexual and reproductive health issues.

Through courses and conferences, the Gente Joven Program brings information about sexual health, reproductive health, and gender and family violence to the young people of Baja California. Each year Pro Salud traines more than 80 volunteers. The volunteers provide sex education to young people in the community in schools, universities, workplaces, and community and rehabilitation centers. Every year Gente Joven reaches 15,000 young people.

Espacio Gente Joven

The Espacio Gente Joven is an educational and recreational center dedicated to young people. The center includes a reading lounge with more than 1,000 books that may be loaned, on topics such as health and children's literature. The center also has a video library, personal computers, printers, a TV, VCR, and DVD player, board games, and a small cafeteria. The computers have internet access with which students may research information for projects or receive online help with homework.

At The Espacio Gente Joven, students may attend literature and computer classes. The space is also the site of continuing education courses at primary and secundary instruction levels.

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